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Regiscard World Discount Program - One Card Anytime, Anywhere
RegisCard will be introducing to all its Prepaid Card holders a state of the art discount loyalty program. RegisCard's World Loyalty Program which includes an online shopping site guaranteeing our members the lowest available price. On each purchase your discount account is instantly credited cash in the form of a cash discount rebate. You can also access additional bonus discounts and manufacturer discounts through our website.

Combining features from all-in-one discount sites and limited-deal discount sites, RegisCard offers the best of both worlds to consumers by focusing on brand loyalty and exclusivity. We're able to drive consumers to featured local merchants and businesses and online merchants and businesses by guaranteeing endless discount and cash back incentives. The revolutionary idea to work with exclusive merchants who offer the highest-rated goods and services worldwide allows us to assure that members will never find lower prices anywhere else.


Our patented technology eliminates the use of paper coupon issuance and online coupon purchases. When you join, you simply apply for a discount card or register your debit or credit card using our secure online system. Once that card is registered, you can use it to record your discount or as your payment method at any RegisCard merchant store and the savings will be automatically credited to your discount account. Access the discount site online or through your cell phone. Our technology includes applications for smart phones to make your shopping experience well informed, convenient, and safe.

Presence By Your Location

You will have a visual listing, within a 5 mile radius of your location to a variety of categories, including dining, entertainment, health and beauty, travel, clothing, any many other merchant and business products and services. The consumer map illustrates distances based on exact geographic locations and provides the offer or cash back incentive. When you click on a specific merchant or business, you will be taken to dedicated page which provides you with specific information relative to that business such as hours, website link, products/services and a company overview.

Discount Card Features

  • • Worldwide discounts for card holders
  • • Discounts at major retail chains
  • • Discounts at smaller local retailers and businesses
  • • Discounts on city taxes, parking and transportation
  • • Card is cash loadable at participating retailers and postal locations
  • • Employers and government agencies can load employee gifts directly onto discount card to be used at our participating retailers
  • • User friendly Website with state of the art software and search engine
  • • One of a kind retailer advertising and reporting system